Chief Customer Success Officer | Sitecore
Customer Success

Lee Miles, Chief Customer Success Officer, Sitecore. Based in Dubai, Lee discusses how he’s managing the vision for Customer Success at Sitecore, the digital experience cloud and best-in-class CMS for the world’s smartest brands. When making any decision, he looks through the lens of the customer with any eye on customer outcomes three years ahead. Lee shares his story of driving customer success in a global business bridging traditional on-premises technology as well as SaaS and cloud. By looking at and reviewing every aspect of the customer experience, Lee explains how Sitecore develops its services, strengthens relationships, and grows its worldwide revenues. Watch this session if you’re into Customer Success!

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    Director of Customer and Product Marketing | Advanced Software

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    Maarten Pieters

    Throwing light on co-creation; Signify's journey with supermarket giant Albert Heijn
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  • Remco Duchhart

    Throwing light on co-creation; Signify's journey with supermarket giant Albert Heijn
    Albert Heijn Store Experience | Albert Heijn

  • Toby Chapman-Dawe

    Conference Host and MC
    MD | Strand Communications
  • Daniel Bausor

    Welcome to the Customer Economy. Are you ready for the C-change?
    Founder & Co-Author of The Customer Catalyst

    I have over 25 years' experience as a strategic B2B and B2C customer champion, both in-house and as a...