Vice President, Customer Excellence Operations | Conga
Customer Health

Whitney Wood, Head of Marketing, OCX Cognition will interview Jamie and Angela.

  • Andrew Carrick

    Customer Health
    Chief Customer Success Officer | Automic Group

    Andrew Carrick, Chief Customer Success Officer, Automic, describes how a relentless focus on customer health has played a critical role...

  • Angela McKay

    Customer Health
    Regional Vice President, Customer Success | Conga
  • Chris Adlard

    Chris is a multi-award-winning customer champion. He previously worked at Finastra, the world’s leading financial technology provider...

  • Professor Anthony Ryan OBE

    Co-creating the desert garden
    University of Sheffield

    Professor Tony Ryan OBE is The Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and the founding Director of...

  • Daniel Bausor, Chris Adlard, & Toby Chapman-Dawe

    Welcome to the Customer Economy. Are you ready for the C-change?
    Customer Catalyst Team / MD | Strand Communications

  • Claire Grove

    Customer Advocacy - the ultimate trust factor in the Customer Economy
    Director of Customer Advocacy Strategy | ServiceNow

    A customer advocacy professional with over 20 years’ experience in this field.

  • Daniel Bausor

    Daniel has over 25 years’ experience as a strategic B2B and B2C customer champion, both in-house and as a...

  • Gabriele Masili

    Customer Experience
    VP & CTO CX & Customer Success | Microsoft

    Gabriele Masili (known universally as ‘G,’), VP & CTO CX & Customer Success, Microsoft, leads the way in considering customer...

  • Helen Bierton

    Customer Digital
    Chief Banking Officer | Starling Bank

    Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, Starling Bank, credited with developing the Starling Kite debit card for children. Helen will talk...

  • Horst Schulze

    Be my guest! How to create a customer-led culture
    Founder | Ritz-Carlton

    A legend and leader in the hotel world, Horst Schulze's teachings and vision have reshaped the concepts of service...

  • Cristina Melluzzi

    How Cisco puts customers at the heart of its growth strategy
    Global Head of Customer Advocacy | Cisco

    Cristina joined Cisco 5 years ago to lead Customer Advocacy in EMEAR. She began her career at Hewlett Packard and...

  • Emma Roffey

    How Cisco puts customers at the heart of its growth strategy
    VP Marketing EMEAR | Cisco

    Emma Roffey is Cisco’s VP Marketing for EMEAR. Emma has been with Cisco for over 15 years and has...

  • Mike Kendall

    How to digitally transform your business to create wow-factor customer experiences
    Founder and Managing Director | The Customer Lab

    Mike Kendall is a recognized global customer experience, design, and innovation expert, coach, author, and speaker. He led world-class...

  • Amelia Mansell

    Virgin Media - A DNA of Customer Experience
    Director of Customer Experience | Virgin Media

    Strategic thinker focused on putting customers at the heart of Virgin Media and serving them better in a digital world...

  • Claire Sporton

    Virgin Media - A DNA of Customer Experience
    Founder | Sporton Consulting

    Throughout her career, Claire has focused on driving customer-led growth by inspiring change and ensuring a tangible link to...

  • James Hyde

    Customer Technology
    CEO | James & James

    James Hyde, Cambridge graduate and Co-founder of James & James Fulfilment, has led a Technology C-change at this...

  • Johnny Castrup

    Customer Co-creation
    Digital Product Director, Head of LEGO Ideas | LEGO

    Johnny Castrup, Digital Product Director, Head of LEGO Ideas, LEGO Group, has the coolest job in town: working on all...

  • Julie-Ann Haines

    Customer Growth
    CEO | Principality Building Society

    Julie-Ann Haines, CEO, Principality Building Society, shows how simple focus on what the customer actually wants can deliver progressive...

  • Lee Miles

    Customer Success
    Chief Customer Success Officer | Sitecore

    Lee Miles, Chief Customer Success Officer, Sitecore. Based in Dubai, Lee discusses how he’s managing the vision for Customer...

  • Nick Chong - Zoom

    Nick Chong

    Zooming in on growth
    Head of Global Support & Services | Zoom

    Nick is responsible for Zoom’s global customer support and services organization. Prior to that he was Zoom’s Head...

  • Nicole Dingley

    Customer Advocacy
    VP Marketing & Customer Advocacy | Wiley

    Nicole Dingley, VP Marketing & Customer Advocacy, Wiley, has held management roles in Customer Success and Customer Advocacy. Hear how...

  • Richard Owen

    NPS is dead! How to truly listen to your customers for customer-led growth
    Founder | OCX Cognition

    Richard Owen has a singular professional focus: Delivering financial value through CX. He co-founded OCX Cognition to combine technology...

  • Pat Phelan

    Customer Culture
    CCO | GoCardless

    Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer, GoCardless, uncovers the keys to culture – how every business unit, department and operational service can...

  • Peter Duffy

    Customer Engagement
    Chief Executive Officer | Moneysupermarket Group

    Peter Duffy, CEO, Moneysupermarket Group, leads one of the UK’s most high-profile consumer financial businesses. Peter reveals how...

  • Christina Kosmowski

    Christina Kosmowski

    Slack puts customer success front and centre to drive growth
    VP of Customer Success | Slack

  • Stanford Swinton

    Customer Voice
    Vice President Of Global Care and Customer Experience | Deliveroo

    Stan Swinton, VP Global Care and Customer Experience, Deliveroo, shows how he and his team are Building Deliveroo's World...

  • Rav Dhaliwal

    How customer health can inform the performance of your investment
    Investor | Crane Ventures

    Investor and former software executive, with particular experience building & leading startups and business units that drive net revenue retention...

  • Peter Sadler

    How integrated technologies and data are driving an Advanced view of the customer
    Director of Customer and Product Marketing | Advanced Software

    An experienced marketing and business leader with a strong track record in delivering tangible success. I combine the exploitation of...

  • Maarten K. Pieters - signify

    Maarten Pieters

    Throwing light on co-creation; Signify's journey with supermarket giant Albert Heijn
    Head of Co-creation & People Insight | Signify

    Signify, formerly PHILIPS Lighting, is a world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things...

  • Remco Duchhart

    Throwing light on co-creation; Signify's journey with supermarket giant Albert Heijn
    Albert Heijn Store Experience | Albert Heijn

  • Toby Chapman-Dawe

    Conference Host and MC
    MD | Strand Communications
  • Chris Adlard & Daniel Bausor

    The customer has killed business as usual
    Co-founders and Co-authors of The Customer Catalyst

    Chris & Daniel lead us into the concepts behind The Customer Catalyst, specifically how organizations are driving sustainable growth in...