Our vision

We passionately believe that today’s only path to sustainable growth is, ultimately, customer-led. The product-led, sales-led era is over. Now the customer is firmly in control of your organisation’s agenda.

So we encourage you to join the C‑change movement today: Embark on your own C-change, talk to one of our leading C-change experts, or join the C-change community!

About the Customer Catalyst Co-founders

  • Chris Adlard

    Chris is a multi-award-winning customer champion. He previously worked at FIS, the world’s leading financial technology provider, as Senior Director, Customer Experience. During his 25+ year career, Chris also has led strategic customer programmes for other technology brands such as Finastra, IBM, CA and Synopsys.

  • Daniel Bausor

    Daniel has over 25 years’ experience as a strategic B2B and B2C customer champion, both in-house and as a consultant. In 2008, he founded a customer transformation consultancy and has advised global organisations on how to take a radical, creative approach towards customer-led growth.